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The luxury privacy based service dedicated to safeguarding your information in style with our personalized bio link service, file hosting and email service!


Email Service


Unique domains with minimal logs for maximum privacy. Cool with privacy, how about that!


1x Lifetime Account Minimal Logs Unique Collection of Domains



The all in one solution for all of our services combined. Get access to everything we offer.

Dashboard membership


The premium add-on for our dashboard


3 email aliases per domain +400MB of file storage

Share files, Send emails, Look cool.

60+ Domains

We offer a very large selection of cool domains that you can use to elevate your online presence, we buy new domains every couple weeks/months

Unique Mail Service

Why have a boring email when you can have a cool one, not to mention the added bonus of our minimal-logs policy

Secure Filehost

Filehosting is cool and everything but what if i told you you can upload files that even we cant see the content of? Our End-2-End encryption is open-source and we support it on ShareX

Frequently Asked Questions


Is the dashboard lifetime?

Yes the dashboard itself is lifetime, however we do have monthly memberships on the dashboard that mainly allow more emails to be created.


Do I lose my emails if my membership runs out?

No, if your membership expires, your aliases are still linked to you however they do get disabled until your membership is active again.


Can I link one of your domains to my discord?

You can join our discord and use our bot to link 2 of our domains, dashboard users can have all of them if they wish.